Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-10 “A561984″

Previously on FlashForward: Mark pissed off everybody who halfway cares about him, Bryce showed a lack of critical thinking, and Demetri got a hot lead on the Phone Call of Impending Death. Also, Olivia wore lingerie, which is getting to be a recurring theme on this show.

You know, with this episode, the recaps are all caught up, just in time for the new episodes. This episode aired on December 3rd. That’s a 3 ½ month break. That’s usually what we call “Summer” in this game. It’s sort of like the way Lost took a long break six episodes into Season Three, but that was the third season, when they had an established fan base. Plus, they went from a pre-break “The Secret of Jack’s Tattoos” to “Holy Crap, Desmond Travels Through Time!”. Here’s hoping people will come back to FlashForward, but I’m a little worried.

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