Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-12 “Revelation Zero – Part 2″

Previously on FlashForward: You know what? It was only one commercial break ago. You can remember that far back.
Bryce walks Nicole to her door, and Nicole suddenly decides he shouldn’t come in because of the whole “crazy mother” thing. (You guys! Nicole is the Smoke Monster!) Bryce assures her that it’s OK, and he wants to hang out. And there’s Nicole’s mom wearing her angel wings and gluing pennies to the wall. That’s why Nicole wanted her change in pennies! Hey, and her penny art could, in fact, be called a mosaic. She tells Bryce that she’s been struck by lightning six times, and I halfway think she’s supposed to be the character from Tom Waits’ “First Kiss”.
Bryce offers to help, and she tells him to only use to pennies from 1989, the year Nicole was born. It’s a tribute to her. Bryce asks her opinion on the Flashes, and she is not impressed – she hallucinates every day and nobody cares. Hee. I might have a new favorite character!
A thug punches Lloyd in the face, and Ricky Jay brings him some pictures of Dylan – they were taken before the Blackout. He has been watching Lloyd for quite a long time. Meanwhile, Demetri and Vogel drive through the street with siren blaring. The police join the pursuit because they’ve got a lead on Lloyd’s whereabouts. Lloyd indicates that they generated more than a quadrillion electron-volts, and since I’m not confident that actually means anything, I’m going to let it go.

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