Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-13 “Blowback”

Previously on FlashForward: Dominic Monaghan was involved with the Blackout, and was, in fact, Suspect Zero. He killed his boss and uncle Ricky Jay. Mark realized that, in his Flash, he and Lloyd were talking about another, upcoming Blackout. We met Nicole’s mother, who wears a bathrobe and angel wings and is making a penny mosaic. All in all, it was pretty awesome.
We begin 15 years ago. Aaron’s in jail, and a younger version of Tracy has come to visit him. He assured her that he’s going to meetings and staying out of trouble. He’s got a parole hearing coming up, and he promises to smile. And as she’s leaving, one of the guards tells Aaron about how he’d like to have his way with her. Aaron decks him, as you would. This also means that he gets his ass kicked by the guards.
In the present, Tracy’s in a dive bar, drinking herself stupid. Aaron tracks her down and tells her that drinking won’t solve anything. He hits her with some logic – if she’s afraid that Jericho will find her, and he just had to go to the nearest bar to track her down, she might not be making the right moves.
Demetri and Zoey discuss his future and the lack thereof – she’s freaked out that Mark is going to shoot Demetri. Demetri is sure that it’s not really going to happen that way. He’s filed the paperwork to have the gun destroyed so that gun won’t be able to kill him. I feel like he should focus more on the big picture of his murder than on the minutiae, but I guess you do what you can.

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