Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-14 “Better Angels”

Previously on FlashForward: Aaron became the most proactive character on the show, Zoey managed to try and save Demetri in a way that still pissed him off, everybody but Mark is going to Somalia, and the gun that’s going to kill Demetri has gone missing.
Demetri, Janis, Dom, and Vogel arrive in the Ganwar region of Somalia via helicopter. Whenever I see a helicopter on TV, I assume it’s going to get blown up. Dom asks Vogel for a gun, but Vogel won’t play along. Probably smart not to trust him with a gun.
Mark brings Stanford the picture of the Hydra from a couple of episodes back. He then reveals that they have D. Gibbons’ real name. The logic that links him to the Hydra is quite convoluted, so I won’t reproduce it here. Sometimes this show needs to distract us rather than half-assing explanations. Mark tells Stanford about Charlie’s statement that “D. Gibbons is a bad man”.
In Somalia, the team looks at the tower. On it is spray-painted “66:6”. That colon seems to make it a Bible verse, and there only two books in the Bible that have 66 or more chapters. Here they are:
Isaiah 66:6 “A voice of noise from the city, a voice from the temple, a voice of the Lord that rendereth recompense to His enemies.” Psalms 66:6 “He turned the sea into dry land: They went through the flood on foot, there we did rejoice in Him.”

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