Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-15 “Queen Sacrifice”

Previously on FlashForward: “Hello, Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost, and I’m recording this message in 1991. Got your attention, didn’t I?”
We start out “Three Years Before the Blackout”. Mark is in the hospital where Olivia works, and he’s got a fresh bullet wound. She lectures him about staying safe for the sake of their daughter. He assures her that family will always come first. Then we cut to the present where Mark is leaving after their fight. He’ll be staying at the Wedyk’s, which is pretty hilarious. Stanford gets enough of that guy at work, then he comes home and Mark is hanging out on the sofa. It seems like they’re on good terms yet, and this is just a bump in the road. Mark talks to Charlie a little bit, and she’s freaked out about all of this. She gives him another friendship bracelet – like the one he was wearing in his Flash. He burned up the last one, and now it’s back in his life. She says he should keep it on until he comes back home, which doesn’t bode well for the next few weeks.
Mark, Stanford, and Demetri watch the Dyson Frost video, and he knows that they’re watching it in 2010, and that “the global blackout was successful”. Hey, have they established the date in any of the post-hiatus episodes? They were moving along in real time, and now it’s all messed up. March 15 hasn’t happened on the show yet, while in the real world, we’re barreling toward April 29. It would be a shame if we’re not synced up by then.

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