Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-16 “Let No Man Put Asunder”

Previously on FlashForward: Marcie was exposed as the mole in the Mosaic Task Force, and just when I was complaining about using a background character for a major plot point, the viewers found out that Janis is also a mole, which surprised the hell out of us. Also, Mark and Olivia did not argue about their relationship once, which means that things are getting better for the viewers.
We start “Two Years Before the Blackout”, and it looks like every episode is going to start in the past – I think everything since the break ended has used that intro. Mark and Stanford welcome a batch of new recruits, including Demetri, Janis, and Marcie. Oh man, Mark talks about how one day you may make a personal sacrifice on behalf of somebody who will never meet you or know what you did, and then we see Al in the group. OK, this show is not even playing fair with my emotions anymore.
The Noobs are talking about their partner assignments later – Demetri got Vreede (and there’s a joke about the inconsistent pronunciation of his name) while Al got Mark. Demetri begs Al to switch – because he’s heard that Mark is great, not because he hates Vreede. Janis and Marcie ended up in Analysis, so no partners for them.
And then we cut to the present, with Marcie in interrogation. According to the time stamp on the video, it’s 3/12/10. Three days before Demetri’s death, and still a month off of real time. Catch up, show! April 29 is almost here!

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