Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-18 “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road”

Previously on FlashForward: Demetri didn’t die, but Dyson Frost did. Also, we learned that the word will probably end on 12/12/16. And I got lazy and didn’t get this recap done in time.
We open with Janis reminiscing about training at Quantico, specifically the obstacle course called the Yellow Brick Road. She and Demetri crawl through mud under barbed wire and do other badass stuff. It turns out, Janis is telling this all to a woman “Two Years Before the Blackout”, and the other woman is displaying an inappropriate amount of cleavage. Her name is Lita, and it’s hard to read the vibe here. Lita says she’s a headhunter, and wants to offer Janis an opportunity. She thinks Janis could do a little “multitasking” at the Bureau.
That brings us to the present, where Mosaic is going over the Frost case. Mark reminds us that Frost’s last words were “In the end, you’ll be saved by the lady you see every day”. Vogel is there, for the first time in a few weeks, and is bitching about how Frost got killed. He does not seem impressed that Demetri survived. Man, I hate that guy. He and Mark bump chests until Stanford yells at both of them. Mark tells Janis to work on Frost’s blueprints, and assigns Vreede to look into Raven River.
Olivia’s at home, getting ready for work, when a voice yells “It’s important, Olivia!” It’s Crazy Baltar, from last week. In her house. She tells him that her husband’s in the FBI, and leaves out the part where she’s cheating on him. Baltar goes on about how Olivia wore a purple beret and spilled a drink. And I’m just now getting it – the baseball cap, the posture, the laugh. He’s a grown-up version of Gavin from The Kids in the Hall!

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