Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-19 “Course Correction”

Previously on FlashForward: Janis turned out to be a triple agent, at least. I think that means we’re still on her side. Mark found a Blackout ring hidden in Dyson Frost’s queen. Baltar creeped Olivia out and provided us with a lot of backstory. We were also reminded that Vogel is still on the show. I think most of us were at least a little surprised by that.
We open at NLAP, two days before the Blackout. Dom and Lloyd are talking about their big moment, and then Dom’s mother calls. It sounds like bad news – yep, his father died. Next, we cut to the day of the Blackout. We’re in a high tech facility, and a Gordon Myhill, who I don’t think we’ve seen before, explains to a reporter named Angie that they’re recreating the beginning of the universe. You know, that actually sounds a little dangerous. Dom’s at the funeral, so Lloyd’s kind of running the show. He’s nervous about having a reporter there. We get cool graphics of what I think is supposed to be a supercollider, and then an atom explodes and sends out waves across the planet. Everybody blacks out. Reporter Angie bangs her head really hard on the way down. And when everybody wakes up, it turns out that she’s dead.
In the present, Lloyd is speaking on TV, saying that the futures people saw were only possible futures – there’s some flexibility. The woman interviewing him says it’s only a week until April 29, and he talks about how observations inform reality. Schrodinger’s Cat! I swear, that comes up in every show I recap, with the possible exception of Big Brother, and even then I’ll probably force it in.

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