Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-20 “The Negotiation”

Previously on FlashForward: Dude, we got canceled. Kind of took the wind out of the old recapping sails, you know? We’ve still got three episodes to go, so it’s time to get on that horse and enjoy these last few episodes with our guys.
We start with Stanford’s standard opening narration, only he’s on screen. So he’s narrating the show for people who are in the show. I can get behind that. We see people on the street buying 4/29 t-shirts and guys wearing sandwich boards about the end of the world. That guy we haven’t seen in weeks is hosting a 4/29 prayer service. Timothy. Three episodes left and we’re coming back to that guy?
Turns out Stanford’s addressing a group of agents on April 28. Tomorrow is the day. They may well be attacked tomorrow night, but they’re not going to run and hide. Instead, they’re beefing up security. Stanford talks to Dom and the missing ring. Just then, Vogel butts in to show them a news report – a TV station is airing footage of Suspect Zero at Tigers Stadium. But it’s from a different angle, so it wasn’t leaked by the FBI.
Dom, in disguise at a bar, is looking over his new ID. His new name is Dave Walker. A woman approaches him – she’s Annabeth Gish, who you know from the final season of The X-Files. She knows who Dom is and introduces herself as “Lita”. She has an offer for Dom, and says he’ll want to hear them out. She instructs him to follow her, and they leave the bar.

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