Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-21: “Countdown”

Previously on FlashForward: It was not April 29, yet. Now it is. Only two episodes left, people.
We begin at 3:23 AM on April 29. Charlie wakes up crying – she had a bad dream. Olivia tries to comfort her, but Charlie says “Today’s the day Daddy’s gonna die.”
Dom and Janis talk in her apartment. He wants revenge on the people responsible for the Blackout, and he needs her help to get into the FBI mainframe. He says that he’ll turn himself in if he can just bring these people down.
Mark and Demetri talk about the day ahead of them, and Mark tells him to get out of there. He gives him a disc of 15 covers of “Islands in the Stream” (Demetri’s wedding song), and tells him to get on a plane and get married. Demetri’s being kind of weird about it, between his possible impending death and the illegitimate child and all.
Lloyd calls Olivia to “talk about tonight”, and Olivia blows him off because Charlie’s having a tough time. Good! About Lloyd, not about Charlie.

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