Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-22 “Future Shock”

Previously on FlashForward: You know, this might not be the best time to jump on. If you don’t know what happened previously, you might want to skip this one.
Mark’s in his cell with 78 minutes until 10 PM. Hey, I just realized something – throughout America, people flashed on anything from 10 PM through 1 AM depending on their time zone. Why didn’t we hear about big hunks of the country being asleep in their flashes? I would think that not having a vision would be pretty common in America. Wow, this didn’t irritate me until just this moment, and now I’m really bothered by it.
We see a montage of people who are sad and/or not where they’re supposed to be at 10 PM. Notably, Bryce is at the detention center, looking for Keiko. She’s already at the airport with her mother, though. Bryce tries explaining his vision, which makes him sound super-creepy, when you get right down to it. The woman at the desk says that, in her Flash, she had a hundred dollars in her pocket. Ha!
Aaron finally funds a pulse on Tracy. The pacing is really weird on Aaron’s scenes – they’re so short and there’s nothing that really happens to recap. I guess they’re not really going to get a chance to correct this, so we’ll just ride it out.

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