Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-3 “137 Sekunden”

Previously on FlashForward: A doll factory exploded and little Charlie told us that “D. Gibbons is a bad man”. So, you know, nightmare fuel all around. And now we’re back with another round of the Internet’s least timely recaps!
We open with Demitri still on the phone with the mystery Persian woman. She says he will be shot three times, but she doesn’t know by who. She hangs up mysteriously, as Demetri freaks out.
We’re in Germany now. An old man with a cane walks alongside a fence, clearly inside a prison yard, and asks somebody outside what he saw in his flash. The guard saw himself eating breakfast with his wife. The old man, Herr Geyer, says he saw “something that will insure my release from this hateful place”.
At the Benford home, Charlie is watching that weird Flash-animated cartoon that keeps popping up on this show. Mark and Olivia are being all domestic when Aaron shows up. Mark says Aaron’s there to take a look at the phone, and it couldn’t sound more like a lie if he’d added “The phone. Yeah, that’s the ticket.” Mark takes Aaron into his office to tell him about what Charlie said (about D. Gibbons). Aaron says that Mark needs to find D. Gibbons before he hurts Mark’s family.

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