Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-4: “The Black Swan”

Previously on FlashForward: Mark made a deal with a Nazi, Demetri was sullen, Stanford seriously rocked a eulogy, a Deadwood cast member stopped by, crows died, and our heroes discovered a previous mass Blackout 18 years ago in Somalia. It was pretty awesome.
So, when this episode originally aired, that week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was also title “The Black Swan”. That show was significantly more hilarious.
We open with a flashback to 14 days ago, and we see an idyllic park scene, when suddenly everybody passes out in slow motion. It’s oddly beautiful, until a bus full of people heads right into the pond and fills with water. A man and a woman both wake up – the woman doesn’t speak English, and the man kicks out a window and leads her to safety. In the present, he’s in the hospital, telling Bryce and Olivia about what happened. Hey, that guy fathered Claire’s child on Lost! I bet he thought he was going to turn out to be really important on that show, only he never appeared again after his one appearance.

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