Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-5 “Gimme Some Truth”

Previously on FlashForward: Dominic Monaghan and Lloyd Simcoe may have caused the Blackout! This is jarring to those of us who will always think of Dom as Lost’s Charlie, who frankly, wasn’t much with the book learning. Demetri kicked the crap out of a pot dealer because of his impending death, and Bryce used somebody’s Flash as a diagnostic tool. Olivia did not approve. Except for how he turned out to be right, and then she was fine with it.
It’s 1:30 AM in Washington DC. Mark, Stanford, Vreede, and Demetri are outside the Capitol Building, and Mark is assuring Stanford that “The details I remember, I remember very clearly.” Stanford is not impressed by that qualifier and asks Mark to keep his mouth shut. Mark makes a call and says that the trip has been a disaster, but Stanford “pulled some kind of rabbit”. And then an SUV smacks into their car. Asian guys with automatic weapons step out and advance on them. One of them launches a grenade into their car, which promptly explodes. Well, it’s not looking good for our guys.
And this brings us to “39 Hours Earlier”. That’s right, for the second time in five episodes, they pulled an Abrams on us. Not even the actual JJ Abrams does it that frequently! Our boys are waiting in a hallway in DC. A guy in a suit calls in Demetri, who says that he didn’t see anything, as per his affidavit. Suit Guy says “That doesn’t mean you were telling the truth.” Demetri follows Suit Guy while Mark plays with an AA chip.

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