Flash Forward

FlashForward 1-7 “The Gift”

Previously on FlashForward: Mark and Olivia had a fight. Dylan dressed like Flava Flav and took a bus. Simon tried his best to make us forget he was Charlie on Lost. Demetri and Al looked into the Blue Hand Club, and that kangaroo showed up again.
We begin with a pretty woman who we’ve never seen before. She is playing with her two children in the park, and we hear Al narrating. “Dear Celia, I don’t know your last name, and I don’t know where you live. But I know you have two young boys. Twins, I believe. And I know you didn’t have a Flash Forward. I understand how terrifying that is, and how powerless you must be feeling. But I want you to know that you are not alone.” Contrasting Al’s narration, we see Celia find a flyer on her car with the now familiar Blue Hand logo. On the back is scrawled “We know you are one of us”.
By the way, this is a really good episode. Anyway, Demetri is plinking away on his laptop at home when Zoey enters the room. She tells him she’ll be in a trial all day, but he has to sign off on the proofs of the wedding invitations. For the wedding that will never happen. When she leaves, we see that he’s on a Blue Hand website.  And sadly, the jump is coming up and this recap contains no jokes thus far.  Don’t look at me!  I’m hideous!

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