Flash Forward

FlashFoward 1-2: “White to Play”

All right, if my figures are correct, I’ll be able to get the Flash Forward recaps caught up just in time for the new episodes to begin. Man, that’s a long break between episodes.
In a creepy beginning, we open with a playground full of kids, laying on the ground, all except for Charlie. Then one kid calls “Time’s up” and they all talk about what they saw (ponies, mostly) – that’s right, kids play “Blackout” now. A kid starts picking on Charlie and pulls the arm off her weird-ass stuffed animal. She runs out into the street, where she narrowly avoids being hit by a car, and then runs straight into a full-fledged military blockade.
At the FBI, Stanford is addressing the team. 18 agents have quit in the last three days. A woman with a crazy Joker face enters, and Stanford identifies her as “Anastasia Markham” with Homeland Security. She seems irritated that there’s a task force devoted to the blackout, because she doesn’t like anything. Mark gets a call – trouble at school.

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