Flash Forward

The FlashForward Post Mortem: What Went Wrong?

I really don’t want to have to do this. I want to be writing a Season One wrap-up for FlashForward, and analyzing the images from the second Blackout. But there’s not really a point, is there? And I’m at least partially convinced that the montage at the end was created to be deliberately frustrating after the creative team was notified of the cancellation. So trying to get anything out of the last few minutes of the series is pointless at best.
Instead, I have to look at what went wrong. FlashForward should have been successful. Maybe not a solid mainstream hit, but it should have gotten at least a few seasons. It was a good show. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it was really good. So why didn’t it work?
It’s going to be impossible to avoid the comparisons, so a lot of it comes down to why FlashForward should have been more like Lost. I’ll admit, I tend to believe that almost everything should be more like Lost, but especially ABC shows that want to unspool complicated sci-fi mythologies over the course of several seasons. That’s a pretty good business model, you know?

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