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Happy Endings: All-Pilot Project

If you hung around on ABC after Modern Family last night, you are now cool like me. If it hadn’t been for my iPad and my wife’s Blackberry, when Modern Family ended we might’ve changed the channel or turned off the TV. Iinstead we had to quickly hop on Facebook and post our favorite quote from Modern Family, and hence our TV stayed tuned to ABC.  (for what it’s worth, “We Love the F Word” was the funniest moment from Modern Family).

In this delay between watching a show and reporting that we watched a show, following Modern Family (have I written Modern Family enough times to ensure optimal SEO?) was a little show called Happy Endings, and the best way to describe it is Friends, but funny. It stars Damon Wayons’s son who acts just like a younger version of his father, and some chick who was on Saturday Night Live for a minute.

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  1. Myndi Weinraub

    First of all, I liked this show. I thought there was some nice chemistry right off the bat. That being said, I don’t think you’re right about your assessment of Friends. Joey had all kinds of hookups, and even though we didn’t see semi-nudity on a regular basis, we did often meet the girls and hear about his exploits. And as goofy as Chandler was, he never really read as “gay” to me, other than the way he and Joey were attached to each other, which ended up being quite endearing. At least to me.

    There was always issue taken with the fact that NBC did not put any people of color into the cast, save for the fact that Monica, Ross and Rachel were Jewish and Ross had an Asian girlfriend for a while. (Making Ross black might be tough to explain since his sister and parents were both white.) Bottom line is that the show was a glossy, sitcom version of Manhattan where people’s apartments were absurdly large and life was grand, except for when it wasn’t. If you want to debate me on the merits of Friends, we can do that. And maybe I love it because of the fact that it aired from my senior year of college to right after I had my first child, but I will stand by it. Yes, even through the rough patches; those will happen in 10 years. Still one of my faves of all time.

  2. Maybe I’ll start DVR’ing Friends and see if I see anything redeeming. You make it sound like it was a real show with real entertainment value. Blech.

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