Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska–Episode 2

It could be a coincidence that the second episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, heavily featuring her most famous offspring, Bristol “The Pistol”, aired on the eve of her final night of competition in this season’s Dancing With the Stars.  But, the odds are it’s not.  There’s no real timeline to these episodes, so the family’s big halibut fishing expedition could’ve taken place anytime during the shooting schedule.  And, for what it’s worth, this episode did more to humanize Bristol Palin in one hour than the majority of her DWTS screentime all season.

While not as majestic as the season opener, the look the show provided into the commercial fishing industry was interesting enough.  However, the thought I had most frequently while halibut were being “stunned” (in other words, bopped between the eyes with a billy club as they flail around on the deck) was how up in arms PETA will be.  I mean, shows like Deadliest Catch get into this stuff too, but they don’t star a political lightening rod like Mrs. Palin.  The deal was sealed when she and Bristol held the STILL BEATING HEART of a dead fish that was being gutted.

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