Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: “Logging”

Sarah and Todd took Willow on a series of Alaskan adventures this week, seemingly to show her how to be self-sufficient and mature, and also to learn to endure a head on collision.  It was a strange hour.

Little Trig and Trip were left at the house, and it appeared just Piper was there to take care of them.  I’ll assume Bristol was hiding somewhere upstairs or something, along with a nanny. First, the three of them headed to Afognak Island, home of the Evergreen Timber Logging Camp.  Minors aren’t allowed at the logging site, so Willow, who this whole trip is supposed to be about, is left back at the camp.  Good thing she has her phone to keep her company.  Todd clearly would love to cut down a tree, but we don’t see him do it.  Sarah does a good job of wielding a chainsaw, however, and you can add that to the list of things Sarah Palin is willing to do that I wouldn’t even try in a million years.

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