Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska–“Mama Grizzly” (Pilot)

It’s impossible to deny that Sarah Palin is a media sensation.  Virtually no one outside of Alaska had heard of her prior to August 2008, and now she’s easily one of the most famous women in America.  She’s also one of the most polarizing. Some people think she’s the “maverick” she called herself during her vice presidential bid, and others find her to be truly frightening.  I kind of don’t feel either way about her.  To me, she’s someone who struck while the iron was hot, and after losing the election, took the opportunity to seek financial security and a new career in showbiz.  You can really stick her in the same category as Ryan Seacrest or the Jersey Shore gang that way; she knows she has a small window in which capitalize on her notariety and she’s bound and determined to do so.  

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