Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: “Rafting and Dog Mushing”

This episode was probably the clunkiest yet of this series, but it still boasted some pretty impressive scenery and a few impossibly cute shots of little Tripp and Trig playing in the yard.  Fun facts this week:  Sarah and Todd met in high school, on a basketball court, and Sarah refers to her dad as the Cliff Clavin of Alaska.  In that case, who’s Norm?

The hour began with most of the family (again, no Bristol or Track) going white water rafting with a colorful guide named Mud Flap who liked to scream “I love my life!” as the raft went over Class III Rapids.  Sarah found the trip exhilarating, and I have to agree with her there.  Rafting is awesome. We got a little more of feisty, snarky political Sarah this time out, including a dig at Michelle Obama’s comments about some people thinking dessert is “practically a food group”.  Sarah somehow interpreted that to mean the First Lady said people shouldn’t eat dessert.  She also got upset about how people react to her having a child with Down’s Syndrome, and I would have to imagine even a few mean-spirited blogs where people make ignorant comments about your child would be enough to piss any mother off on that score, so I can’t fault her on that one.

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