Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: The Palins Meet The Gosselins

Last week on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Sarah, her dad and Todd’s friend Becker (who, unfortunately, is still not Ted Danson) went on a $42,000 Caribou hunting trip just to “fill their freezer”.  The theme of the whole episode was how people can be tough, independent and self-sufficient, and it totally was a one hour stump speech for the 2012 presidential run.  We also learned that if Sarah sleeps in bear country, she needs only a loaded rifle, her dad (who referred to her as “Sarah Palin” about three too many times) and a loaded makeup case, because, even when you’re in one of most remote stretches of wilderness on earth, you have to look put together.  Oh, and Piper firmly established herself as my favorite Palin (it’s not a hotly contested race, mind you).  When mom brought home the caribou she shot and killed, Piper’s unimpressed words were: “That’s a tiny caribou.” This week, however, is a whole different deal.  TLC practiced some crazy corporate synergy by getting its two biggest, most polarizing reality stars together to produce one blockbuster hour of television.  Here comes the Sarah and Kate Show!

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