Swingtown: Puzzlerama (Jul 31)

Last week’s Swingtown started off with a dream and this time it was Susan’s sun drenched fantasy involving Roger rubbing suntan lotion all over her…until buzzkills Janet and Bruce rose from the depths of the Deckers’ pool to chastise her, accompanied by the Psycho music.  She awakened with a start, only to find Bruce running to catch an early train into the city.  He’s also wearing cologne.  Hmmm…

Can I get a show of hands as to who wants dibs on Trina’s stained glass question mark, which she apparently made herself?  It can only mean it’s time for Puzzlerama, the annual airing of dirty laundry in the neighborhood, designed to set everyone free from their secrets.  The game provided the framework for the episode, and you just knew some shake-ups were on the way.  As Tom put it so aptly, “think Truth or Dare on a roller coaster.”

Something no one probably saw coming was an uber-competitve Janet being in this game, which kind of reminded me of the board game Scruples that ruffled people’s feathers in the 80s.  Janet should have been horrified at the concept, yet all she saw was the joy of the win she was determined to get.  After giving Roger her seemingly undying support last week, Janet was serving up eggs, bacon and want ads this week.  Finding what she assumed were Bruce’s swim trunks from their trip to the Millers’ cabin (of course, they were actually Tom’s from the blackout pool party), she headed to see Susan, who she wanted to talk to Bruce about encouraging Roger to stay in the corporate world…and that’s how she landed an invite to the party.

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