Swingtown–”Get Down Tonight” (Aug 22)

This was the penultimate episode of Swingtown’s first (and possibly only) season, and it was a pretty crazy hour.  There was disco dancing, strip poker, butt-pinching and Susan & Roger cooking.  And I mean that in a couple of ways.

Susan and Bruce are still struggling with their relationship in the wake of the disastrous trip to the family cabin.  She’s faking orgasms and he thinks they should spend some real quality time together for the rest of his vacation.  I guess the whole staycation concept was already gaining popularity back in the 70s!  The first thing Bruce does that day:  Scurry off to play golf.

Over at the Thompsons, Roger is being handed Janet’s really scary org chart for her housekeeping duties.  It includes a menu, chores, errands and, I believe, the launch codes for several missle silos.  That thing is DETAILED!  Rick is appalled at this turning of the tables, and Janet is off to work in the salt mines, or, ya know, the steno pool of a newspaper.

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