Swingtown Week 10: “Running on Empty”

The dynamics seemed to shift a bit this week, as Bruce is set on “fixing” the Miller family by taking them the family cabin for some bonding time.  Too bad Lori’s not buying what he’s selling.  She really wants to go see Jackson Browne and prove to her parents that she’s not a kid.  Her plan to accomplish this involves stomping her feet and telling her father she’s not going on the trip.  When this doesn’t work, she racks up huge long distance charges talking to Doug on a clunky corded phone.  (That thing brought back some memories of high school and college for me!)  Susan is permitting this because she’s sympathetic to Lori’s seventeen year old longings and remembers her own.  Also, she knows she and Bruce got caught red handed with Brad & Sylvia, plus Lori’s quick enough to have picked up on the vibe between she and Roger.  Who says you want a smart kid?  They’re way too perceptive! 

Lori even busts her parents in front of BJ and Rick, who’d accompanied the Millers to the cabin, so his parents could have some alone time (more on that in a bit).  Susan & Lori even have a heart to heart about love and marriage down by the pond (mom sees shades of grey, while daughter sees love strictly in black and white).  Susan tries to explain that life & love can be pretty complicated, but Lori says “all I want is Doug.”   At the cabin, Susan tries to say sweet things like, “we’re concerned” and pleads with Bruce to leave her alone, while Bruce snits that he won’t “explain himself to a teenager.”  Ah, good old Bruce and his double standards.  He’s so dependable.

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