Swingtown Week 3 (Jun25)

When we last left the Millers, Susan was pissed and Bruce was blissful about both work and his personal life.  This week, she proceeded to freak out and force all the Millers to attend church, then threw a Janet-planned housewarming complete with Pigs in a Pickle (that would be pickles smeared with Philly cream cheese and wrapped in thinly sliced meat) and Rosy Perfection Salad (whatever the hell that is). 

It seems Susan’s really starting to feel the consequences of their Independence Day romp at the Cougar Den, and it turns out that she got pregnant the first time she and Bruce had sex.  Now that Pandora’s box has been opened, however, she wonders what other women Bruce wants to be with, though he assures her that she’s the only one.  My guess is he’d at least like her to be in the room at all times.

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