Swingtown: Week 4 (Jul 3)

Mark this down as the episode of Swingtown which cemented my love for the show, even though anyone who’s ever watched TV for more than five minutes could tell you where each of the three plotlines were going to go by about fifteen minutes into the hour.  Didn’t matter.  I’m all in with the Millers, Thompsons and Deckers.  Well, not like that.  But I might consider it if Tom showed up and hit me with lines like “Whatever kind of party this is, that’s the party I’m at.” and “Ever see a man split a log, Jan?”  (of course, he’d have to say Myn, but you get my drift.)  At this point, Tom is my absolute favorite.  Even as a female, I can appreciate the awesomeness of a airline captain whose wife leaves her seat to join him in the cockpit (hee.  I said cockpit!) for a quickie before he has to land the plane.  And everything just rolls off his back.  When Roger and Janet showed up–after canceling at Roger’s behest–and interrupted his & Trina’s impending four way shower with Bruce & Susan at her family’s cabin, what was Tom’s response?  ” I didn’t know this weekend was gonna be a three way!”  All of this, and perfect hair to boot!

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