Swingtown Week 5 (July 10)

What an educational episode of Swingtown for yours truly!  The only name I knew from Deep Throat was Linda Lovelace and I had no idea of the actual premise of the film.  Now, I have learned about the legal plight of the movie’s male star, Harry Reems, and that the title of the movie actually had to do with the location of Lovelace’s “pleasure center” (Susan’s term), which was apparently in her throat.  And here I was thinking someone was having anonymous phone sex from a phone booth or something.  Man, I was way off!  Of course, the movie came out in 1972, so even though 1976 was the correct year as far as Reems’ legal woes, I don’t know that the movie would still be playing at the Rialto in downtown Winnetka, IL.   Of course, it served as a perfect vehicle for Susan to piss off Bruce, who must be watching some serious Ozzy and Harriet reruns on WGN because he is stuck in the ’50s! 

Suddenly, the man who wants to swing is worried about how it will reflect on him if Susan attends the fundraiser that Trina and her friend Sylvia are throwing for Reems’ legal defense fund.  He’s also concerned about the fact that dinner’s not ready and she isn’t picking him up at the train station.  Look, Bruce, you just can’t have it both ways…either you let the caged bird sing or you don’t.  And, my friend, you’ve already opened the door, so deal with it.  She is woman, hear her roar!
Bonus points to Susan for defying Caveman Bruce when he stormed into the party (even ignoring his man crush Tom!) and told Susan to “get her things”.  The couple’s status, which is light years from last week’s blissful state at the cabin, is in flux.  Things are complicated and confusing, according to Susan.  Trina, in her sage wisdom, offered that “change isn’t easy, no matter how close you are”.  It’ll be interesting to see which way things go next.

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