Swingtown: Week 7 (Jul 28)

There was lots of new information on this episode of Swingtown.  Susan just found out that Bruce has been helping Melinda prep before the bell each morning.  He explains to her (and to us audience members) that he was pumping gas way back when, and were it not for a regular customer hiring him as a runner at the exchange, the Bruce we are getting to know now might never have existed.  We found out that Roger still hasn’t told Janet about getting fired; rather, he’s sneaking off to job interviews.  He also attended one year of college at UIC, and studied engineering.  Plus, he looks unbelievable in his swim trunks. (Trina: “No wonder Janet keeps him under lock and key!”)  Hubba Hubba, Rog!

We also learned that stewardess Bobbi is on “the list” (I’m guessing it’s not laminated, like the one Ross & Rachel concocted, but rather written on a cocktail napkin or some rolling papers), so it would have been OK for Tom to tryst with her, if only he’d cleared it with Trina first.  We discovered that Trina’s a little shutterbug, and her lens caught a palpable chemistry between Roger and Susan when they ended up poolside at the Cougar Den in the midst of a Chicago blackout (Roger:  “So this is what I missed on the Fourth of July.  And in the ’60s.”)  So far, their spouses know nothing–and, technically, there’s nothing to know…yet.

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