The All-Pilot Project

All Pilot Project: “Conveyor Belt of Love” (Jan 5)

Have we really reached the point in time when there is a show on network television called Conveyor Belt of Love?  Is the hallowed memory of Lucy & Ethel working in the chocolate factory going to be forever tainted (or perhaps, infected) by this affront to good taste?  I was pretty sure this show was a sign of the apocalypse, but it was actually hilarious in a completely brainless and harmless sort of way.

The girls were varying levels of shallow, which naturally decreased with age.  The guys they had to choose from ran the gamut from hot to average to dorky, with some genuine wackos thrown in for good measure.  Most of those who had a “shtick” were sent packing right away, just like you would if a dude with a horrible line came your way at a bar.

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