The All-Pilot Project

Castle, Parks & Rec, and I’m a Celebrity….

We’re playing catch-up now – we’ve got a lot of Pilots to get through, so let’s take another look at another trio: Castle, Parks and Recreation, and I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here.
ABC, Monday 10 PM
The Premise: A thriller writer works with the Los Angeles Police Department to catch a killer who’s committing murders based on his books.
The Personnel: Stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle. He’s best known for Firefly, but I don’t want to go on about Joss Whedon again. He’s also Kate’s former husband on Lost and Vigilante on Justice League Unlimited. Also stars Stana Katic of Heroes and 24 as Castle’s police liaison. It should be pointed out that I’m in love with her. The pilot was directed by Rob Bowman, who worked on X-Files for years and years, and the series is created by Andrew Marlowe, who IMDB says is the credited scriptwriter for Samuel L. Jackson’s purely theoretical Nick Fury movie.

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