The All-Pilot Project

The All-Pilot Project: My Own Worst Enemy & Crusoe (Dec 8)

The All-Pilot Project has been running a little late, and we have only ourselves to blame. Or do we? Let’s face it, a two-hour pilot can really take the wind out of your sails. But it sits there on the DVR menu, mocking you, making you feel like a failure. And so, in an effort to stop the voices, we’re looking at NBC’s high-concept entries, the already cancelled My Own Worst Enemy and Crusoe.
My Own Worst Enemy
Monday 10 PM, NBC
The Premise: An efficiency expert who unknowingly leads an idyllic suburban existence shares his body with superspy Edward. Henry and Edward – get it? That’s as clever as it’s going to get here…
The Personnel: The big name here is Christian Slater in his first regular TV work. Alfre Woodard, Madchen Amick, and James Cromwell all turn up in regular roles. Series creator David Semel previously wrote for the quickly-cancelled Bionic Woman and Kidnapped. Also appearing is comedian Mike O’Malley, who usually stars in really bad shows, and is surprisingly funny here as Edward’s spy buddy. Honestly, until I saw him here, I thought Yes, Dear was still on the air.

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