The All-Pilot Project

The All-Pilot Project: “Howie Do It” and “Lie to Me”

The All-Pilot Project is pleased to announce that with this round of reviews, we are now completely up to date.  Our DVR is no longer stuffed with unwatched pilots that mock us while we just want to watch The Xtacles for the hundredth time.  So enjoy our lunge for timeliness!
Howie Do It
Friday 8 PM, NBC
The Premise: A hidden-camera prank show hosted by Howie Mandel.  Hence the name.  Sort of.  You kind of have to reach for it.
The Personnel: Clearly, Howie Mandel.  That’s right, he has two shows on NBC right now.  That’s two more than you have.  An astonishing number of the crew seem to have been involved with the 2005 misfire Who’s Your Daddy, so, you know, abandon all hope.

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