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The Unusuals, The Superstars, & The Listener

Sometimes at the All-Pilot Project, we try to come up with a thematic link for our reviews. And sometimes, it’s more clever than not. For example, this week, we’re looking at three Pilots that all start with “The”. We don’t expect to win any awards for that one.
The Unusuals
ABC, Cancelled
The Premise: A comedy-drama about Homicide cops in New York. Hence the series name, the cops are all a little, well, unusual.
The Personnel: Created and written by Noah Hawley, who wrote for Bones and doesn’t have many other credits. The stars include Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), Harold Perrineau (Lost), Terry Kinney (Oz), and Adam Goldberg (every TV show ever).
The Poop: I love quirky cop shows. Homicide: Life on the Street is one of my favorite shows ever, a fact which I’ve mentioned about a thousand times by now. I like the gallows humor and the disturbing intrusions of reality. That’s a winning combination that you don’t see that much anymore, with cop shows mostly being procedurals these days.

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