The Best Shows on TV

Best TV Shows on TV – TV’s Moments of Joy “Just the Beef and the Crows”

Hey, could it possibly be Friday?  The end of the week is in sight, so we’re here to help with that one last push toward quitting time.  When the week is winding down, we like to stop and look at the best TV shows on TV.  There are a lot of TV shows to watch, and we want to honor the best of the best.  And this week was a pretty fantastic one.

This week, Fringe gets animated, Will Ferrell makes multiple appearances, Cougar Town returns, 30 Rock hits 100 episodes (And yes, we said that last week in error.  We apologize for any trivia challenges you may have lost as a result.), AMC hits it out of the park once again, the Bravemans make us cry, hair rings prove to be less prevalent than one might think, and cow beats turkey once again.

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