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Moments of Joy: Our Favorite Casts

As another week comes to an end, we’re looking back at the season that just wrapped. Seriously, it was a pretty awesome year. There were new series that blew us away and old favorites that impressed us all over again. Last week, we honored some of the people (and effigies made of pelts and a stray skull) who made the season great, and this week, we’re looking at our favorite casts.
And of course, this isn’t a complete list. Frankly, we’ve talked at length about the casts of 30 Rock and Mad Men, and we’re running out of superlatives. We’re all about spreading the love around, from a misbegotten study group, to the kids of New Directions, and of course, our favorite Lostaways.
Community – Honestly, we were watching this show in the beginning because of Joel McHale.  The host of The Soup is a national treasure, no two ways about it.  And we were interested to see what Chevy Chase would do with his return to TV.  By the end of the first episode, which turned into a tribute to The Breakfast Club, we were in love with the whole darn study group.
Danny Pudi as Abed is easily the breakout character of the year, and his scenes with Donald Glover’s Troy (whether in the episode itself or in the surreal weekly tags) are absolutely wonderful.  And we’ve got a total crush on Alison Brie as Annie, which may make the next season of Mad Men (where she plays Trudie Campbell) kind of uncomfortable.  And Chevy, who can be kind of a mixed bag, really sticks the landing as Pierce.

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