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Moments of Joy: The Honor Roll

Well, that was a week, right? As you know, we’re always on the lookouts for TV’s Moments of Joy. This week, most of our shows packed it in for the season, and many of the notable finales weren’t exactly packed with joy. Sure, we went pretty nuts for the Lost finale, but other than some of the trips to Timeline X, it might have been a little light on the feel-good moments.
So with the regular season wrapping up (mostly) this week, we thought we’d instead take this opportunity to say a few words about just a few of the people who made the 2009-2010 season so darned awesome. This isn’t a complete list, by any means. We don’t want to turn this into a complete list of Lostaways and Dunder-Mifflinites. These are just a few of the people who rocked our world, moved our Island, and turned our open pit into a park. (That last one might have confused matters a little…)
So without further ado, it’s the Honor Roll!
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse – Come on, how could the Lost showrunners not make the list? This season was everything Lost needs to be – deep, mysterious, exciting, funny, maddening, emotional, and satisfying. And this week’s finale was a thing of beauty. There was death, redemption, TV’s most adorable dog, treachery, and duct tape. We saw the Heart of the Island, we learned what Timeline X really was, we saw riveting action, and it was spectacular. As we’ve come to expect, Lost left us with a lot to think about it, and we’ re going to have more to say as time goes on. But most importantly, no other writing duo on TV could have brought us an episode that brought us to tears right after a scene where Jack hit Look-a-Locke with an actual Dragon Punch. Awesome.

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