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TV’s Moments of Joy – Complisults and Explanabrags

In tribute to Len Lesser, who passed away this week, imagine us opening this week’s installment with a hearty, Uncle Leo-style “Hello!”  He was Jerry Seinfeld’s most beloved uncle, and he was always funny, whether shoplifting batteries or taking extreme offense at perceived slights.  This would be a good weekend to re-watch some of his classic Seinfeld episodes and enjoy the best “hello” in the business.

We don’t mean to alarm you, but this might have been the week that seals our fates and brings on the robot apocalypse.  You’d think that would overshadow anything else that happened on TV this week, but only if you didn’t know that this was the week in which Fizbo returned, Benry taught kids about insects, and Cookie Monster was a judge on Top Chef.  If humanity is facing extinction, at least we’re going out with a bang!

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