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TV’s Moments of Joy – Fish Meat is Practically a Vegetable

As we wrap up another week, we’re all abuzz about the year’s most anticipated premiere.  Seeing our old favorites again, hoping the new additions to the cast fit in…  Yes, Parks and Recreation is back.  Wait, what did you think we were talking about?  Anyway, nobody’s happier than we are that the city of Pawnee is open for business.  And it’s for this reason that this week’s Moments of Joy are going to be fairly Thursday comedy-intensive.  But hey, if you put Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Community, we’re going to talk about it.

So what made us happy this week?  Community – Like we said, Theo Huxtable appeared this week as Shirley’s ex-husband.  And he even wore a classic Bill Cosby sweater.  It was a great episode this week, with elaborate double entendres, Jeff’s passionate defense of Senor Chang, Pierce’s love of kettle corn, and some really nice character moments for Annie and Shirley.  Two jokes stood out for us – first, Jeff referred to Abed as “brown Jamie Lee Curtis”, and now that he said it, we can’t unsee it.  And then there was Troy trying to figure out if Shirley’s ex could be the father of her unborn child – there’s not much that’s funnier than Troy trying to outwit somebody, and this was a great example.  “…when the pumpkins get all mushy”.  Hee. The Ricky Gervais Show – That’s right, Gervais made another appearance on TV this weekend.  The HBO series that animates episodes of his podcast returned for a second season on Friday.  If you’re not familiar with it, the podcast consists of Ricky, his writing partner Stephen Merchant, and their friend Karl Pilkington sitting down and talking.  Karl, as described by Ricky, is “a little round-headed buffoon”.  He doesn’t have a grasp on things like irony or philosophy, and he assumes certain things to be true that not only aren’t true, but have never occurred to anybody else.  His reactions to things are often a little… off.  And that’s where most of the jokes come from.  Much of this week’s episode was spent with Karl detailing a movie pitch starring “Clive Warren” and Rebecca DeMornay.  It involved brain transplants, which Karl assured everybody is something that is happening on a regular basis, and it just kept getting more and more insane.  It’s a lot of fun, and we love the Hanna-Barbera-style animation (Ricky looks like a clean shaven Fred Flintstone).  And if you want more of Ricky and the gang, the Science Channel premieres An Idiot Abroad on Saturday night.  A travel show featuring Karl heading around the world as directed by Ricky and Stephen, it’s billed as “part practical joke, part social experiment”.  This sounds like fun, and we’re excited to see the roundness of Karl’s head in live action.

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