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TV’s Moments of Joy: I’m on a Horse!

It’s Friday, so these must be Moments of Joy! As ever, we like to wrap up the work week by looking back at the things that made us happy on TV.

Before we get into TV’s Moments of Joy, we want to take a moment to tell everybody who may have been wondering that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is awesome! EJ got to see a sneak preview, and he’s been squealing girlishly ever since. Expect a full review next week, but it is the most pure fun we’ve had in a movie theater in a very long time. It’s sort of like Inception in the way that it’s a move made up of things that you haven’t seen before. There are so many neat storytelling techniques here, and we are, of course, firmly in the tank for any movie that features two Arrested Development alumni and a Parks and Recreation cast member. It’s great, and we’ll talk more about it later. You will want to see it when it opens on August 13.

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