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TV’s Moments of Joy: Jon Hamm-O-Rama

It’s Friday, and it’s been yet another week of TV joy!  Mostly because we’re that Conan’s back and he trounced Jay in the ratings.  We know the numbers still have to settle, and then maybe the victory won’t be so decisive, but we take pleasure from the little things.  And, this week, that included seeing Jon Hamm on multiple occasions. 

Conan—He’s back!  Turns out Conan had a series of jobs in the time he’s been off the air, including Burger King, being a clown at kids’ birthday parties and even interviewing with Don Draper IN1965.  Once that first amusing cold open was over, Conan and Andy settled back in for a solid opening week.  There were bumps in the road (not every night is going to be pure hilarity, and not every guest will be comedy gold), but it was mostly just great to have CoCo back in our living rooms.  And we hope we’ll see more of Ted Turner on a stuffed buffalo, since he’s played by Will Forte.  By Thursday night’s show, when he was joined by stellar guests Michael Cera (who apparently gets recognized more often as Jesse Eisenberg than as himself) and Julie Bowen (who Conan thanked for not wearing pants), it was clear TBS will be a good home.  Heck, even several of basic cable’s biggest stars—Bruce Jenner, the Alaskan King Crabs from Deadliest Catch and an actual hoarder from A&E’s Hoarders—showed up to welcome him to their world.  Plus, we got introduced to this Don Draper tribute video through Conan’s interview with, you guessed it, Jon Hamm!

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  1. Don Kowalewski

    Love the Jon Hamm video. LOVE IT.

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