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TV’s Moments of Joy: Residual Pixie Dust

Welcome to another Friday – the first Friday in November.  Yes, the World Series and midterm elections dominated the airwaves this week, but we still had fun.  That’s not to say that sports and elections aren’t fun, but we hardly consider ourselves baseball experts, and we are not poking any political hornets’ nests.  Frankly, we don’t need that kind of grief.

This week brought us the big 200th episode Dancing with the Stars celebration, and it was all kinds of fun.  Sure, the results were mystifying, but it was two nights of ballroom spectacle.  Childrens Hospital tackled the hot-button issue of late term abortions – in this case, sixteen years late.  Timothy Dalton was a suave bad guy on Chuck, and because Linda Hamilton also appears as Chuck’s mom, it means this was basically Sarah Connor vs. James Bond.  And that is exactly the kind of thing that we spent a lot of time discussing in high school, rather than learning exactly what the Magna Carta is.  It was a good week.

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