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TV’s Moments of Joy – Smoke on That, Jerk!

Welcome!  We’ve reached the end of another work week, which means we’re going to crawl out from underneath a blanket of snow to look at what made us happy on TV this week.

Before we start, though, we’d like to give it up for Leslie Nielsen, who passed away this week.  While we’ll always love him for his comedic work in Police Squad!, Airplane, and The Naked Gun, don’t forget that he played it straight for the first several decades of his career, including a beloved role in the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet.  And the real measure of his talent is that he made us laugh in terrible movies.  There is literally nothing funny in Superhero Movie, except for Leslie Nielsen.  Rest in peace, Enrico Palazzo.

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  1. Don Kowalewski

    Probst is awesome. And I will have words with anyone who says otherwise.

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