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TV’s Moments of Joy: The Cone of Trust

Welcome to another Friday!  If you’re anything like us, you watched a lot of TV this week.  Most of it made us happy.  Well, except for Luther, because the end of this week’s episode was rough.  We’re still not ready to talk about it.  But that’s not why we’re here – we’re here to focus on what made us happy this week.  This week, it was everything from teen romance to Mike Huckabee – so read on for all kinds of joy.

Community – This week’s episode brought us a ridiculously complicated plot, spinning off from Jeff’s fake night school class (taught by one Professor Professorson), which turned out to possible be real, only maybe not.  It climaxed with what we are pretty sure was a quintuple cross, if we were counting the double crosses correctly.  The B-Plot presented Troy and Abed’s blanket fort, which quickly grew to epic proportions.  At one point, there was a Latvian Independence Parade, which Troy verified had the proper permits.  There’s a reason why they closed almost every episode with Troy and Abed – those two together are pure gold.  And hey, they even namedropped one of our other favorites, when Troy said that people took to the blanket fort “like Abed took to Cougar Town”. Cougar TownThis show is a quirky delight.  These people are all crazy, and have way too much time on their hands, but we sort of love them.  This week, Travis brought home his new girlfriend, giving Jules a chance to lose her mind.  Travis was having performance anxiety, which led to the revelation of this little ditty that Jules came up with:  “If you’re headed in a sexy direction, you better use contraception cause babies destroy your dreams”.  And, unfortunately, Trav’s girlfriend knocked over and destroyed Big Joe, Jules’ absurdly large brandy snifter-type container that she used for a wine glass.  Of course, there was a funeral.

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