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TV’s Moments of Joy: The Dream Warriors

Happy Friday!It’s been a big week, as summer programming finally starts kicking into high gear.We got the premieres of Memphis Beat and Rookie Blue and the long-awaited return of Futurama.Oh, rest assured, we are going to be talking about Futurama.

Hey, before we get into TV’s Moments of Joy for this week, has everybody seen Toy Story 3?Isn’t it awesome?By this point, our love of Pixar is well established, but it just might be that Toy Story is the best film trilogy ever.Think about it – it doesn’t fall apart in the third installment (like The Matrix or The Godfather).It has an internal consistency that’s completely absent in either Star Wars trilogy.And it doesn’t suddenly pause for up to twenty minutes at a time to dwell on Middle Earth burial techniques and customs (Lord of the Rings).Go on – name a better trilogy.You could maybe make a case for The Man with No Name, even though they technically don’t exist within the same continuity.But even then, the second one doesn’t measure up to the first and third.Yeah, we’re calling this one in favor of the Toy Story trilogy.

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