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TV’s Moments of Joy: Who Mailed our Mayor?

It is Friday, and we had a week full of joy. It was a pretty big week, so we’re going to get right to all the things that made us happy.

It’s time for TV’s Moments of Joy!

Mad Men – We had a lot to say in our Round Table this week, but we want to mention again how funny this week’s episode was. Well, not anything involving Sally Draper, the Sadddest Little Girl in the World, but there were some real laughs over at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Pete Campbell was absolutely hilarious in his inability to quickly understand Japanese culture. (“So much conflicting information!”) And then there was Don’s new secretary, Mrs. Blankenship.

At least Don’s not going to sleep with this secretary. Mrs. Blankenship is an older woman, with a three-pack-a-day voice and an inability to understand certain basic tenets of her job. (“You told me not to keep buzzing you, but how else can I tell you about a phone call?”) And watching her actually physically scuffle with Pete for one of Don’s packages was hysterical. This being Mad Men, we know there are always dark times ahead, but at least we’ve got Mrs. Blankenship to struggle with technology and yell at people until then.

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