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TV’s Moments of Joy: Zombies, Draculas, and Ghost Monkeys!

Happy Halloween!  And since it’s Friday, that means we’re going to bring you the spookiest Moments of Joy ever.  Zombies attacked Greendale, the Dunphy family put on a haunted house, Dethklok may have set the end times in motion, and Donald Trump made a really scary decision on The Apprentice.   And then we had possible Reynolds family incest, a ghost monkey on The League, vampire brides, and the many deaths of Batman.  This week was pretty scary!

So what made us happy this week?  Read on… IF YOU DARE!

Night of Too Many Stars – Every year, Comedy Central puts on an “Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education”, and every year, it’s an absolute must-watch.  This year, they combined footage from a comedy concert and auction with a pledge drive, and it was really something to see.  Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell performed an elaborate musical number about Sully Sullenberger, admitting that it was kind of dated because they’re both very busy.  Carell then auctioned off a simulated sexual experience, while Chris Rock sold his services to curse out the highest bidder’s ex.  Other items included a copy of Sarah Palin’s book signed by Tina Fey (“I didn’t write this”), and a trilobite autographed by George Clooney.  And in the live footage, Jon Steward led a phone bank of comedy’s biggest names in taking donations.  Joel McHale, Larry David, Betty White, Lauren Graham, The Most Interesting Man in the World, Zach Galifianakis, Tom Hanks, and many more took pledges from viewers.  Olivia Munn and Will Forte wore the same dress, and viewers were asked to vote for “Who wore it best?” with their pledges.  (Olivia won, so she got to tear off Will’s dress, revealing only flesh-colored Spanx.  Which he wore for the rest of the pledge drive.)  Or they could vote on which flavor of milkshake Bryan Cranston would pour on John Hodgman’s head.  (Strawberry by a landslide!)  It was so much fun to watch, and in its live airing raised 3.2 million dollars for autism education.  Hey, Comedy Central!  Have you thought of putting these out on DVD and then donating the proceeds?  Because we would buy them in a hot minute.

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