Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. “Careers in Science”

Continuing with our retro-recaps of Season One Venture Bros. episodes, this week it’s time to look at the second episode – “Careers in Science”.  This one’s notable for several reasons – it’s the first appearance of the late Jonas Venture, and it helps establish some of the series’ major themes, as we’ll see.  Also, this is the first episode written by Doc Hammer.  And this is one of only a couple of episodes where somebody besides Jackson Publick or Doc gets a writing credit.  It’s “From an Original Story by Doc Hammer and Ben Edlund”.  Edlund is the guy who created the Tick, a superhero parody who’s appeared in comics, an animated show, a live-action series, and a whole lot of merchandise in the mid-90s.  And back when he still wrote under the name “Christopher McCulloch”, Jackson Publick wrote for both the comic book and the FOX cartoon.  So it’s like his old boss stopped by to pitch in.  So let’s get right to the episode where Brock Samson pilots a spaceship and Doc kind of saves the day!

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