Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. – Season 1, Episode 3 “Midlife Chrysalis”

After a brief delay due to technical issues (that “PROBLEM” light just kept blinking…), we’re back with our retro-recaps of Season One Venture Bros. episodes.  This week, it’s Midlife Chrysalis.  Now, when Adult Swim runs the first season, they put this one pretty badly out of sequence.  They put it as the eighth episode, but the DVD’s (which are in the Jackson-and-Doc-approved order) have it as the third.  That makes much more sense – the boys’ personalities haven’t quite crystallized yet, and the Monarch’s voice isn’t really finalized.  I don’t know why Adult Swim shuffles the episodes, but they push all the Monarch episodes to the end of the season, so he kind of becomes a major player without any warning.

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